Thursday, November 23, 2006


When Daniel went back to sleep after his 7 a.m. feeding this morning, Stephen and I caught a few rare moments to lie in bed and whisper our thoughts of gratitude. It goes without saying that our bright-eyed baby boy tops our list this year. My beloved husband (and, by extension, our marriage), my friends and family (both blood and in-laws) are high up on mine, too. What a year this has been; we don't really need a special day to feel how thankful we are for all the good things we have been given. Nonetheless ... it was a good day for being with family. Even our teen-age nieces and nephews, who usually answer all the grown-ups' questions in monosyllables, seemed relaxed and chatty today. It was a good time!

The RevGals' Friday Five poll last week asked for "five things or people for which you are thankful this year." I've been sitting here trying to come up with five, but it's a tall order, so what the heck — I'm going with ten!
  • All the people mentioned in the first paragraph. (I get to cheat a little!)
  • My employer, for recognizing the importance of maternity leave and allowing me to take six months off.
  • This blog, for giving me a reason to write almost every day — even if it's short, and even if it's crap.
  • Netflix, for making the bumps and jags of early parenthood a little easier. Those red envelopes are the highlight of my day sometimes!
  • Garrison Keillor, for opening a new bookstore in St. Paul this fall, and for helping keep poetry alive with The Writer's Almanac.
  • Oprah, for using her influence to inspire others to change the world in positive ways. If she ran for president, I would vote for her.
  • Caribou Coffee, for being part of our afternoon stroller-and-drink ritual as we walk around the neighborhood.
  • Our two church communities (the one in St. Paul and the one in Minneapolis), for sustaining my spirit and providing perspective on a weekly basis.
  • My camera, for giving me a creative outlet and a way to capture the fleeting moments of Daniel's infancy.
  • Grey's Anatomy, which comes on in 15 minutes!
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