Sunday, January 14, 2007

sunday night

Random thoughts while Daniel naps and Stephen reads.

Just finished a wonderful book — The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I'd never heard of it, but Stephen heard a review on NPR this fall, thought it sounded like something I'd like and bought it for me for Christmas. He was so right. It was romantic, mysterious, gothic — perfect for winter nights nestled against the pillows under the down comforter. It's kept me up late all week, and that's something when you consider that we've usually been sleeping with a baby between us. I'm sad it's ended. I wish I had a book like that to engross me every night. Maybe it's time to start The Historian.

Something else British that captured my imagination this week: the movie Mrs. Henderson Presents with Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins. I expected to be mildly amused by it; I wasn't expecting to love it, but that's exactly what happened. It was hilarious and poignant and completely entertaining.

Stephen is taking Tuesday off work so we can spend my birthday together. That is the best gift I could have imagined. And he's ordered me a cake that he will pick up tomorrow night so we can eat it while we watch the Golden Globes! And maybe I'll cash in my Estetica gift certificate (another Christmas present) and get a massage. Sweet.

We finally got a printer this weekend. Now I can ... uh ... print stuff. :) And make copies, both of which are home office features I've been missing these months I've stayed at home.

Daniel hasn't pooped in several days, and Stephen and I are starting to worry just a little. I'm sure it's OK — the doctor said it's perfectly normal for babies to go a few days without a BM — but if he doesn't go soon, a few days is going to turn into a week, and when does one start intervening with prune juice and the like? Hmmm.

Lately I've been remembering things from a year ago, when I was still newly pregnant and just starting to tell people. The whole thing still seems like such a miracle. He is a miracle. I still get choked up with happiness and amazement when I look at our little boy and think about those years we spent trying, the night we found out I was pregnant, the first time we saw him in ultrasound pictures. This is such a happy and blessed time in my life right now, no matter how much I worry about the details. When I think back on where I've been — the painful relationships, the years I spent wondering if I would ever meet the right guy or if having children was in the cards for me — and see the life I have now, I feel so darned lucky that sometimes I have to pinch myself.


Susanne said...

Hey Em, just remember, you'll have a book to engross you for a while once "HP and the Deathly Hallows" comes out. It will be pretty long!

Ellen and I also had a British fix this weekend; we saw "The Queen" with Helen Miren (sp?). We saw it in Hood River - Ellen had come to visit. An excellent movie - highly recommended for you and Steve!

Susanne said...


I don't know how to create a new post (actually, I think only you are able to), so I'll give you a birthday wish here.

How do you like being 39? That's Jack Benny's ongoing age.