Thursday, March 15, 2007

and he's up!

One day he's still teetering, lurching, not quite balanced enough to hold the position without me supporting him (kind of like my passés on half point). The next morning (this morning), somehow, a lightbulb goes on in his muscle memory, and he's nailed it, holding it together all by himself, a little shakily, but bringing himself back to center when he wobbles. I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures to e-mail to Steve at work: "Look what our son is doing!" Every new milestone is cool, but this one is extra cool because now he has a whole new dimension to discover. I can't wait to see what he does with it.


Susanne said...

As Daniel gets bigger and bigger, I see more and more of your face in him, Em.

Also, I recognize the black & white striped tent thing in the background. Is that something Mary sent you, originally owned by Susan & Charles?

Emilie said...

Sue, no, that's an activity gym we bought for him here. It's a couple of months old.

By the way, yes, we are getting rid of the ugly curtains! We are replacing them with blinds. I think they will look so much better and lighten up those rooms a lot ... as in less heavy, less dragged down.

Kristine said...

How fun! I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of graycen when she first started sitting. She is now a pro - she reaches out and around and turns all around to grab the toys she wants. It's so fun! Way to go Daniel! Looks like you guys also have Freddie (the firefly) Graycen has one and LOVES it! she now also has My Friend Emily - which is from the same line of toys, just as a little doll.