Friday, April 6, 2007

hot stuff

Daniel Craig: He's got this whole Steve McQueen thing going on. I haven't seen the new James Bond movie yet, but we saw him in another movie this week (Layer Cake) ... and oh my lord, is he sexy.

The new Montana quarter: It's strong and powerful and one of my favorite state quarters, based entirely on a visceral reaction I can't describe. Steve handed it to me the other day while we were at Caribou, and the first words out of my mouth were, "Ooh, that's hot!" He said, "Well, maybe you and your quarter and Daniel Craig should go get a room."


Carrie said...

LMAO at your reaction to the quarter! LOL LOL

as for DC - yes, he is H-O-T!
We liked Casino Royale -but I liked him best of all in it! LOL - it is a bit long, but good story and he is a FINE SPECIMAN to replace the older Bonds.

I loved Layer Cake, too, BTW!

Ray said...

The Bond movie is good--I finally watched it over the weekend--and more realistic than the norm (he has cuts and scrapes that linger, gets tired, falls in love and is betrayed, etc.), and Craig looks more realistic as a hired killer.

There are exceptions in the realism dept., however, including: 1) The fact that Bon never gets shot, despite the enormous number of bullets flying around him at various points, and 2) the fact that he just happens to have a portable defibrillator on hand when it turns out that he needs one. I liked the idea of the latter, however, would love to bring it along and surprise friends when going out to eat (must pick the appropriate locale).