Tuesday, May 29, 2007

another one

I'm in awe of people who can make me laugh. (It's one reason I adore my husband.) It's so easy for an comedy idea to flop, even if it seems funny on paper. You need to have just the right delivery, just the right nuances of facial expression to keep a clever idea from becoming a dud. That happens a lot on Saturday Night Live — duds — especially now that Will Farrell is gone. So last night, when I watched the first of 18 one-minute comedy films made by the contestants of On the Lot, and I almost fell on the floor laughing at the sight of the Guy-Who-Only-Communicates-Through-Dance "talking" his way out of a car accident, then deftly leaping backward to slam his car door shut with a swift j├ęte, I was in awe. And hooked. Hooked on yet another TV show. Hooked, when I thought I had finally come to the end of a season that had me home on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for American Idol and Thursday nights for The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Hooked, just when I've been starting to imagine all the ways we can spend our summer evenings outdoors, getting exercise, or at least catching up on our Netflix queue.

I watched the Idol finale in spite of myself. After Melinda got kicked off, I thought I didn't care enough to tune in and see whether Jordin would beat Blake. But I watched anyway, and I was surprised at how teary-eyed and nostalgic I felt seeing all the finalists up on stage again. I sobbed through the Sgt. Pepper medley, when all the past Idol winners sang different songs from the album, and then the 12 finalists got up and sang "I get by with a little help from my friends." I was completely undone ... maybe also because I was watching Ingrid deteriorate, so I had a lot of emotion to release. And then there was the sweet ending to The Office, where Jim realized mid-job interview that where he really pictured himself was with Pam, and he trekked back from NYC to Scranton and asked her out to dinner, and the smile she had on her face after that ... it was perfect. A perfect way to end a season that wasn't my favorite, but that scene made it all worthwhile. And then there's Grey's Anatomy. I am still trying to come down from the devastation of that ending. Meredith: "It's over. So over." And Christina: "He's gone. ... I'm free. ... Damn it." And as she tried to rip the torturous necklace from her body, and her exquisite, China-doll face broke into pieces of anguish, I felt everything she was feeling: her pain, her clausterphobia, her relief, her panic. I think she should win an award for that scene. She was so good.

And now there's On the Lot. I spent an hour last night rewatching the short films on video and calling in votes for my favorites ... the airport security sex fantasy, the fart on the plane, the science lab, the space aliens who barf on the police officer. Such laughter! Which means I'll be tuning in again tonight to see who gets kicked off. And then again next week to see how my favorites do. Is there hope for me? Can I free myself from the TV for just one summer?


alex said...
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Carrie said...

I hear ya! I'm new on this one, too! Holland (in my blog) her daddy is the COP in the movie by Andrew!!! he's Mark, from MN! recognize him?? :)

tonight was *yawn* going thru them all, though and I DID NOT agree w/the top 3.............

Emilie said...

Really, Carrie?! That's cool! How well does he know Andrew Hunt (who referred to himself as a "big fish in a little pond" up here in Minnesota ... though I don't think I've heard of him)?

Yeah, I thought last night's show was kind of lame. The hostess is NO Ryan Seacrest (lol!) ... they need someone with more polish. And the judges are all far too nice - even the BAD films got a "You're a great filmmaker ..." Where's Simon Cowell when we need him?

I didn't agree with the top three either. Well, I agreed with the science lab one, but I didn't think "Getta Rhoom" deserved the top three, or "Lucky Penny." The one about the dancing man was my favorite. And what about "Replication Theory"? Or the sex fantasy in the airport security line?

And I didn't think the British guy should have been sent home, either, especially over that one about changing a lightbulb. I actually liked his one about the 911 call!

My conclusion: This show has attracted a viewership of idiots who would rather see a mentally challenged man sent to hell than something truly clever and subtle. Grrr. It's too bad, too, since I love movies so much (as I know you do).

Anonymous said...

Man o man, I don't get reception. This all sounds so foreign to me. I feel like how we did when we were kids without a TV, Em.


Carrie said...

your faves were MY faves, exactly dead one! LOL we are too similar in our movie tastes --- I think they did the "poor Jason"thing when they voted - it was NOT my top 3, either - and Carrie bugged me by suddenly LIKING IT? *perplexed*
Mark Venhuizen - he was in "About Schmidt" w/Jack Nicholson - and he was the drunk wedding photographer in Tony & Tina's wedding if you ever saw it - JulieMac's DH??? remember ??? ring bells?
He is such a good character actor!
I guess he's worked w/Andrew on some commercial work.......

they def. need to change the 2nd show, it was way too long and drawn out......

alex said...
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Anonymous said...

By the way, why did Merideth from Grey's Anadomy break-off her marriage? Her groom-to-be was handsome, successful, and seemed like a nice guy.

Just found out Olivia is diabetic. In way it's a relief, because at least she doesn't have kidney failure like poor Ingrid. But it will be stressful giving her shots two times a day... but I'll do it.

- Susanne