Friday, May 25, 2007

nine months old today

No more of this sitting still for pictures on the couch — that's for babies! This is about all I could get out of Mr. Wiggles today. These photos capture him exactly the way he is right now: always on the move and full of life.

I did manage to get some calmer ones of him outside earlier this week. Here are some of those. Natural light is better, anyway.

I miss Ingrid. I expect to see her in her usual spots, and when I realize she's gone, I feel a pang of sadness all over again. After spending most of my adult life with cats in my home, it's strange not to have animals anymore. What hardest of all is realizing that we'll no longer see the excitement Daniel showed whenever he saw Cat. He'd shriek with happiness and wave his arms before commencing to torture her. Such a sound of joy.

Also, note to self: I should not play sad, nostalgic music at a time like this. Stick to NPR news. Or silence.


Anonymous said...

Adorable! He really looks like you, Em, in some of the pictures. It's a given that Daniel looks like his dad - from day one (literally) he looked like Steve. But as he grows, I see more and more of you in him, Em.

Mom had similar experiences when she lost Winken and Katie - she would be in spots where they would hang out and it would take a moment for her to remember they were gone. I'm sorry for how painful it must be.

You and Steve really gave her a good life - especially in terms of how you acclimated her and Daniel to each other. Because of this, her last months were much better than they could have been.


liz said...

Daniel is such a doll.

I'm really so sorry about Ingrid. And I definitely think it's natural to expect to see her and forget she won't be there. Heck, sometimes the phone rings and I wonder for a split second if it is my brother! Our minds play funny tricks on us. It's hard.

Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

alex said...

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Carrie said...

He is just simply gorgeous, Emilie! WOW! He's getting so big so fast! AMazing to watch and to sit in awe of. He is just a beautiful child.
I'm so sorry still about your Ingrid. My heart literally cries when I read about you missing her, and I'm sending lots of hugs and prayers to you in this time of grief.
Sorry I haven't returned your call yet - oops - I literally have mommy brain and keep spacing out on things - its scary to me! LOL. I will this week, though, we need to get a walk in with our strollers! LOL

Kristine said...

what a cutie! He is growing so fast. They grow way too fast.