Sunday, May 20, 2007

up north again

Two trips to the North Shore in a month — how could we get so lucky? This time, we stayed with Steve's brother and his wife and their nearly-2-year-old daughter in a townhouse at Superior Highlands, near Lutsen. Bruce and Anna ran in a 25-kilometer trail race, and we babysat Maria and watched them come through the finish line together. It was fun to spend the weekend with them!

Here are Daniel and me in Grand Marais, looking at the choppy water. (Last time we were in Grand Marais, I was very pregnant!) It was pretty cold there, and I bought that fleece hat moments earlier at the old Ben Franklin department store in Grand Marais for $5.99. (Like I needed another winter hat ...) This morning, when we got up, there was even a light dusting of snow everywhere. It was a strange thing to see in mid-May.


liz said...

What a fun trip - snow and all! :)

Anonymous said...

The three of you went from North Shore to California to North Shore again! Daniel does not lack in adventure! Beautiful pictures - looks like a 180 from California as far as climate!