Saturday, August 25, 2007


I can't believe our baby is already 1! We had a bunch of people over to celebrate, and the weather was perfect. The house and yard were crowded, but it was fun to see everyone, and it must not have been as packed as we imagined it might be because we had lots of leftover food and drink. (And I thought we might run out of cake — ha. We have enough to freeze and use for Steve's birthday in October and mine in January if we want!) Daniel had a couple of meltdowns toward the end, but that's to be expected when it's nap time and there are people everywhere. All in all, I think he had fun. Here he is with his birthday cake (free from Lunds!), which (hooray!) came with little rubber duckies on top. Daniel was delighted!

I think he knew it was a special day. He kept grinning and pointing at the Curious George Happy Birthday banner we'd hung up over the table, and we sang Happy Birthday to him throughout the day, just because he won't get to hear it sung to him again for another year. Here he is this morning in his PJs. His walking has just exploded in the past few days. He does his little stiff-armed Frankenstein walk all over the place, and he pops right up after he falls down, as if he'd prefer to try the two-footed method over crawling.

One of my favorite moments, toward the end of the party, was watching Kerry's 7-month-old triplets getting passed around among our friends. (This is Ewan — right? — with Chris, and Noel with Liz. Liz and Chris are married, and I think they are going to be wildly creative and wonderful parents someday.) I think all my play group friends and their spouses took a turn holding them. It was really sweet beyond words. I love my friends.


Anonymous said...

I guess this answers my question below, Em! Kerry's triplet is SOOO CUTE! I recognize Liz and her husband too (holding the triplet). I'm glad they're doing well.

Kristine said...

Looks like it was a good time. I bet it is so surreal to go through that. Graycen's birthday is next week and her party is 2 weeks from yesterday. Crazy how fast the time sneaks by.. Congratulations to you, though. That first year definitely is something else.

liz said...

What fun! I am so sad to have missed the festivities... and also sad that I packed Daniel's birthday card and it is currently deep, deep inside a box somewhere in our house. Whoops. But... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIEL! What a great first year!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel!
Those are great pictures from the party. The triplets are getting so big too! And I LOVE that rubber duck cake. Too cute :-)