Monday, November 19, 2007

first sick of the season

(Warning: Contains vomit scene and, possibly, too much information.)

Saturday was one of those nice, leisurely days where we bundled up the boy and went off meandering around town — Garrison Keillor's bookstore for Christmas presents, Nina's for a quick coffee, a used bookstore on St. Clair that's devoted to gardening and plants, an eco-gardening store where Steve stopped in to look at hydroponic growing systems, in case I want to get him something along those lines for Christmas. He's already turned a corner of our basement into a little growing lab, starting up plants and tree-lets with seeds he collects when we're out on walks. That night, we grilled burgers for dinner, then put Daniel to bed and popped in a DVD.

Somewhere between dinner and DVD, I started to get that warning feeling in my tummy, and by the time the movie was over, I was barfing in the toilet. (Well, the first time, I didn't actually make it to the toilet, so Steve ended up having to clean out the tub — poor, sweet saint of a guy. "I had to do this for my mom once," he told me later.) At once point during the night, as I heaved over the toilet seat, holding back my hair, I thought to myself, "I never had morning sickness. Is this what it would have been like? Is this karma, making up for it?" More likely, I assumed, it was something I ate.

Or maybe not. This morning, I found out that a friend of mine whom I saw last week had the exact same kind of weekend. Sick on Saturday night, slept all day Sunday, still pretty wiped out today. Was it a virus? None of our children or spouses got it, and I pray they don't.


Elizabeth in Mississippi said...

There is nothing like the wave of relief you get when your stomach is finally rid of the awfulness.

I absolutely hate nausea. I'd rather barf & be done with it than suffer that rolling weirdness.

I'm glad that it was a just a quick sick and not pregnancy related.

Love you, Mean it

Missy said...

That's too bad, Em. I agree it's probably something you ate. How strange. Glad it was quick and you are done with it now!

Anonymous said...

Oh Em, it sounds like you were having such a quality day with Steve and Daniel. Going to bookstores, stopping for a quick coffee... let's put it this way - at least you weren't in a situation where you had a boring, nonstimulating life and THEN had to be pregnancy-related sick.

- Susanne

Jo on the go said...

Wow. I'm glad that's over for you!

That's one thing that terrifies me about the path of pregnancy... barfing. Yuk. I am not at all good at that. I'd probably be thinner if I had picked up that skill in college, haha.

I'm probably (TMI, TMI !!) sick from the other end 10 times for every single episode of vomiting in my lifetime.

Perhaps this comes from growing up poor ... "never waste food" is ingrained in my intestinal system.