Thursday, April 3, 2008

sugar to mask the pain

There is a one-pound box of chocolate truffles from Regina's on our living room table right now. I needed something to soothe myself after Ben's circumcision today, so I asked Steve to stop and buy me a box. (He owed me because he ate practically the entire box that my friend Anne gave me in the hospital. Boy, was that a scene — I burst into tears when I discovered the empty box in the kitchen trash!) It's ironic. For the circumcision, I spent the entire time dipping a cotton swab soaked with sugar water in Ben's mouth. Now it's me who's stuffing my face with sweets.

Benjamin cried through most of the circumcision, and that was heart-wrenching. Then he nursed and nursed and fell asleep until the doctor came back an hour later to check his handiwork. I had my big cry about it last night. (I would have just as soon left our sons intact to avoid causing them any pain, but Steve felt strongly about it, so I deferred to him on the decision, which was made both times after weighing the pros and cons.) But it wasn't as traumatic for me as Daniel's circumcision was. I learned my lesson then: Don't watch. I kept my eyes squarely fixed on Ben's face and the sugar water, and I didn't let them stray downward to his penis, where with Daniel I saw too much of what was happening.

Ben's sleeping in my lap now, and I hope he heals up quickly and forgets that any of this ever happened.


Christina said...

Truffles from Regina's?!? It doesn't get any better than that. Mmmmm!

Glad you can both nurse your pain, and that it's now behind Benjamin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging so openly about your experience. I love the photos. Benjamin is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging so openly about your experience. I love the photos. Benjamin is beautiful.

Beth said...

I din't even go into the room during it, DH said he was glad I didn't. I'm happy babes don't remember these first few days of life!

Anonymous said...

Emilie, I think that "procedure" is so awful! We did it, too, but like you I had a really hard time. Poor little tykes. They do heal up, though, and mama's milk is as satisfying as your chocolate to help. I guess I can see why the Jewish tradition follows it up with a big party-- so everyone can forget the pain while it's at its worst by spending time with loved ones. Ouch! Can't wait to see him in person.

-Laura S.

kristine said...

I am glad you posted this and with links to your recent posts about it. I am having a hard time with it. To me, it seems like something not worth doing. David is very adament about us gettig it done and I am struggling. It is helping me to read this.
I am jealous of the chocolates. i love truffles and they sound wonderful!
BTW - I didn't know that about the midwives and not only delivering at St John's. When I called there before I decided to go there, that's where the receptionist told me they delivered. Weird!

Anonymous said...

Em, I'm sure I said the exact thing with Daniel, but at least you won't always have to wonder, down the road, whether you should have had Ben circumcized (sp?). And chocolate isn't a wonderful thing for nothing...

Man, what's wrong with my spelling? Must be tax season.

- Susanne