Saturday, August 30, 2008

like, ok, i am so behind

So I just joined Facebook because a couple of friends invited me to check out some pictures on their pages, and you have to join to be able to look. Come to find out pretty much everybody I know is already on it. Seriously?! Geesh, where I have been all this time? Is my head that far in the sand? Anyway, if you want to be my friend on Facebook, just, you know, friend me. The whole thing feels so junior high to me ... and yet ... I can see how it might get kind of addictive.

I also changed my profile picture because I was getting a little tired of looking at myself all chipper and grinning. It's from the same group of photos, which Steve took one day this winter when I was pregnant and still had hair.

Oh ... and a very nice person also made me a new header. (Her name is Nissa Nicole, and as she posted in the Comments section, she can do a header for you, too.) I just figured out how to get it up, and I'm still tweaking. Bear with me.


kristine said...

i love that you changed your profile pic! I also LOVE your new header! that is beautiful!

Queenie. . . said...

Really gorgeous new header!

MrsSpock said...

I like the new header!

Jessica Griffith said...

Gorgeous header. Welcome to crackbook.

Meg said...

I love, love the new banner. Your photo is great also.

Be careful of Facebook. It can be addicting!!!!! There are more people there that you know than you might think. I have a blast there.

megan huber

Monkeymama said...

The new photo and header are beautiful!

I'm relatively new to Facebook too and feel like I'm missing something! But I can see how it would have been fun in college.

Christina said...

The new header is beautiful! So poignant. That is VERY cool.

Amy M said...

Love the changes, especially your photo.

Jen J said...

Love the new header! It's so sweet!

Praying for you always!

Mary said...

Okay so since I don't know your Facebook page, friend me??? Some of it is high schoolish, but it is a neat way to keep in touch. :-)

darcie said...

Beautiful new header! WOW!

I joined facebook about 2 months ago - only because I wanted to see pics of a friends new baby and that was the only place she was putting them...grrr. After being "friended" by people I neither liked or cared about back in my HS days - I've finally figured it out and am totally enjoying keeping up with real friends and others I'm getting to know better via facebook...I hate to admit it...but it's kind of cool!
Hope you are feeling well -

Roxy said...

I love the new header & pic!!!

I feel way too old for facebook -hell, I don't even blog!

Anonymous said...

I really like the new header! I remember the original photograph, and even though this header is a doctored version of the original, I can still see the porcelain, doll-like features of Ben, and the sweetness in Daniel's kiss.

I like your new pic too, Em. Even though it's from the same set of photos as your other one, it's a bit more serious, more reserved.

- Susanne

Nissa Nicole said...

Hi Emilie, so glad you could get the header to work for you! Please let me know if you need anything else for your blog in the future. Like I said before, I can't offer help financially (I'm a student living in San Francisco...) but this, I can do.

If there are other bloggers here who need headers, I do them for free for portfolio matter - email me if you're interested.

Emilie, I share your story at least once a week with people I meet because you're an inspiration. While I don't pray, I know that there are many, many people around my area who have heard about you and are thinking and wishing and praying for you.


Jamie said...

Welcome to Facebook :) I had the same experience when I joined, it's crazy huh?

Piccinigirl said...

I love the new header, it's beautiful and the new pic too!!!

I'm not on Facebook and probably won't be anytime soon. I have no time for anything lately. So I guess I am the only person NOT on LOL