Monday, September 1, 2008

pregnant with cancer

The New York Times Magazine ran an interesting article today about pregnant women with breast cancer. It appears that chemo may not be as verboten as once thought to treat pregnant women.

It's not the first I've heard about this. A recent article in The Oregonian profiled a pregnant woman who's going through chemo. And a friend of a friend, who also lives in Oregon, is doing it, too.

I identify with some of what these women go through: I was pregnant when I was first diagnosed with cancer. And I know what chemo is like. But I didn't have to do them at the same time. I can't imagine having had to go through that. Reading the stories of these brave women puts me in awe.


Rebecca said...

I think the rest of us are in awe of YOU.

Meg said...

Hi there, I am friends with Pat Sirek and I read your blog. I think I saw in the SPPP that you had your stroller stolen out of your yard?!?! As a mom of 2 small ones, also living in St Paul, I know how badly that would suck. I am really sorry. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. I really enjoy your writing and I'm glad you share your stories.

Rob said...

Emily, we are all impressed with your strength as well. Thank you for your continual support of us!

Rob (Linda's husband)