Friday, October 10, 2008

it's all happening at the zoo

A better day today.

This morning, we went to the Como Zoo. It was chilly and overcast, and all the animals were out. I wish I'd brought my camera.

The gorilla stared at us, banged his big hand against the glass, then turned around and mooned us as he drank from his pool of water.

The tiger ran, as majestically as a caged creature can, up and down the fenceline.

The father lion roared and roared, and the mother lion sat and watched him.

The timberwolf put his nose in the air, opened his mouth and howled, over and over. His silver-furred mate came out of the woods a few times to check on him, then went back.

The pink flamingos waded around in the pond with the ducks, their long necks curving as they tucked their heads into their wings.

It was all spectacular (and maybe a little sad). I've never seen such a showing of animals up close at the zoo.

The sun came out this afternoon. How do you like Daniel in his amazing technicolor outfit — the sweater, the nanny's scarf and his green shoes? To top it off, he found a stick that was just the right size to use as a cane, and he looked like a little gent. He had fun crunching the leaves, too.

Here's Ben, showing off his back strength with a little tummy time. I think he will be sitting up quite soon.


Roxy said...

Darn are they cute boys! I love Como - Dave & Eva are heading there today. I'm heading to work. I'd rather be at the zoo.

battynurse said...

Your boys are so cute. The zoo sounds fantastic.

Tracy said...

awww, lovely pictures of your boys:)

kristine said...

awwww!! i love the pic of daniel from behind. the scarf is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how different things can be in just a day ... Thursday - shitty shitty, and Friday - Fan-freakin-tastic! YAY! It makes me smile to know you had such a great time & your description of the zoo made me feel like I was there! And by the way ... any new shoes??????
-Heather H

Emilie said...

Ha - Heather - no new shoes. Like I have any time to shop. :)

Alex and Jill said...

I'm loving Daniel's outfit. The pic of him with the cane is priceless. Sounds like a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

It's quite true that overcast, cool weather is the best time to see animals at the zoo.

Interesting comment about it being a little sad. Is it because it reminds you of how vulnerable animals are? I feel that way sometimes.

There is a baby elephant at the Portland zoo right now. M & D went to see him, and Dad took some good pictures.

- Susanne

Soupy said...

awww, I love your boys. I love zoos, too. What fun! It was SO beautiful out , too - and I love your title (Simon & Garfunkel )