Friday, October 3, 2008

seven things about me

One of the things I like about Facebook is how I've reconnected with people from way back. Like Julie, who lived down the street from me while we were growing up. Now she has six kids and takes classes on top of that and sounds like just an amazing mother and person. She tagged me on her blog, so I'll play along.

1. I am on a mission to read all six Jane Austen novels and so far have read four — all but Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility.

2. I have been wearing the same pair of glasses since 2000. I need to get a new pair.

3. Despite the name of my blog, I am not a fan of lemon- or citrus-flavored candies. Give me Twix over Sweet Tarts any day.

4. I have lived on/in the West Coast, East Coast, Deep South and Midwest, plus a college semester spent in Australia.

5. Steve and I read my first junior high diary together, and there were moments when I was totally mortified and moments when we were laughing so hard we couldn't speak. Sometimes both at the same time.

6. I grew up calling carbonated beverages "pop" (like all decent Oregonians do), but now I say "soda." I grew up loving Coke and hating Pepsi, but now I don't drink any soda at all.

7. I am one of only 8,700 people diagnosed with soft-tissue sarcomas each year, which makes it one of the rarest forms of cancer (especially in adults) and one of the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to research and funding. No ubiquitous pink ribbons for us! But think of me when you see sunflowers ...

With that, I tag the following seven people:

Liz P.
Liz H.


Julie said...

Thanks for playing along, Emilie! So fun to read these things. Reading the jr. high diary--pretty brave. I'm afraid mine would be hilarious and oh so meaningless.

I'm sad that the cancer you have isn't funded for research more.

Betty M said...

You will love Sense and Sensibility I am sure.
Having lost a brother-in-law to a relatively rare cancer it infuriates me that the pink ribbon lot seem to get so much more of everything - not that they don't need it too but it would be good if it could be shared around a bit more.

Rebecca said...

Oh Crap! I better get on this!

kristine said...

Cute! I love lemon stuff!!! Also, I call it pop - not soda and I grew up here. I have never in my life called it soda!