Saturday, October 4, 2008

scenes from a saturday

Daniel and his dad discuss the finer points of the Economist while lounging on the race car bed ...

... and Ben gets some attention, too.

Later, we go to an apple orchard, where Daniel runs around in the hay maze, throws himself into the hay piles and takes his very first pony ride.

It brings to mind a photo we have of my first pony ride, at around the same age. I think I look a little less serious!


Julie said...

I love the photo of you! So cute! When did your family move to the home your parents live in now? How old were you?

Life looks so fun and full at your house.

Emilie said...

Julie, I was 13 when we moved to Havencrest. (My parents and brothers still live there.)

I'm working on your "tagged" post, by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Can Daniel describe the intracacies of the financial crisis to me now? And can Ben recommend any good suggestions for how to exit Iraq properly?

Does the pony ride change one's point of view about anything at all? I never had one (point of view or pony ride?). That must explain SOMEthing.

Oh, and my friend showed me a yearbook message I wrote to her in our Freshman yearbook (H.S.) and it was that mortifying, hysterical thing you talked about. Oh, my sides still hurt.

--Laura S.

kristine said...

I Love aamodt's! I wish we had gone there instead of Emma Krumbee's. My fave is the apple donuts!
What is daniel holding in the first pic? It looks like a protractor.

Amy M said...

Made my morning to read your post and see the photos. Sounds like you are having a great weekend with Steve and the boys.

Jamie said...

Love the pony ride picturs! So cute!

Anonymous said...

WHAT A RESEMBLENCE! You on the pony as a little girl, and Ben with Steve holding him. Amazing. Daniel is a spitting image of Steve, and Ben you.

If you want more apple orchards to go to, come to Hood River! Lots of pear orchards too.

- Susanne

Christina said...

YAY! A picture of young Emilie! You were a DOLL. And all decked out on that pony!

I love how gingerly Daniel is clasping the saddle horn. Too cute!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful snippets of family life.

Ahuva Batya said...

OMG! The chaps! The hat! You were a perfect cowgirl! It just made me giggle so much to see that.