Sunday, November 9, 2008

this and that ...

• My first issue of Wondertime magazine came in the mail this weekend, and I finished it off this afternoon. I've read it in doctors' waiting rooms and thought it seemed whimsical and interesting, so I subscribed. This issue hit me as Real Simple meets Parenting. In other words: light, fluffy, pretty and uncluttered, well-meaning, enjoyable, fairly mainstream, somewhat mindless, and over in an hour. (Isn't that the way with all things Disney-owned?) Today I learned how to keep Christmas simple and nonmaterialistic — and how to make my own Christmas ornaments by shaking balls I already own around in plastic bags filled with glue and glitter. Um, no thank you.

• I'm off chemo for now, and I'm going to be starting radiation again soon. There are two larger tumors in my lungs that the oncologists would like to zap — one near my spine on the right side, the other near my windpipe on the left. They're the two that could potentially cause the most trouble if they kept growing, and the one near my spine is the one that hasn't been responding to chemo. I'm nervous about it all, but from I've seen and heard, I think it's the best thing to do right now. They're not going to go after all my lung tumors. They can't; there are just too many little ones. This is all about buying time. (I am looking forward to having my hair grow back! It's already about a half-inch long, but I'm not ready to debut my pixie do!)

• Steve and I went out last night and had a great date without the kids. We need to do that more often! I even wore makeup — which is to say that I went out yesterday afternoon and bought new mascara and eyeliner, which I had thrown out when I started chemo because they said eye makeup (especially old eye makeup) is a source of infections. Anyway ... we went out to dinner at our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, hit a bookstore and split a latté, then went to the Northrop Auditorium and saw a ballet staging of Carmina Burana. It was breathtaking. I'd never seen it before, but of course everyone knows that music. (The Web tells me "O Fortuna" has been featured in commercials for Reeboks, Old Spice, Guinness and Pringles.)

• Does this little guy look like the Joker? He worked really hard to get that Naked Juice Purple Machine around his mouth just right.


Julie said...

So glad you got to go out. Sounds like a marvelous time!

In answer to your question on my blog, as I recall, it was Kristin Hoge. She was never nice to me. Funny, but my daughters say the popular girls at their schools are the mean ones.

kristine said...

You guys look so cute!
I'll be thinking about you and those tumors. Blast 'em away!

Piccinigirl said...

You look beautiful. You really do.
SO glad you had a good "date" :)

that pic of Daniel is so cute.

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say you look like you're the picture of health! Love does that to people, you know. (Steve, you look pretty, too :))

Roxy said...

you look fantastic! And I love Daniel.

that magazine is really great.

jen said...

Emilie you look beautiful in that photo :)