Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the tao of oprah

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Living Oprah? I may not catch the actual Oprah show every day — and God knows I've had my own issues with Oprah's message (see here and here) — but I try not to miss this ambitious (and often sassy) blog every day. The author, a 35-year-old "performance artist" and yoga teacher, is spending the whole year trying to "live as Oprah advises" on her show, in her magazine and on her Web site, in hopes of finding happiness by living "the best life." So ... if Oprah says we must go see the new Baz Luhrman film, Australia, she'll do it. If Oprah tells viewers to repaint that tired old bedroom, she'll do it — she's done it. This self-proclaimed Celine Dion hater bought tickets to a concert because, yes, Oprah encouraged all her viewers to see Celine next time she was in town. The year is nearly over, so I don't have much longer to enjoy Living Oprah, but hopefully she'll get a book deal, and then I can read the book. I have a feeling it will be very funny!


Jessica Griffith said...

What a fun blog. I never watch Oprah's show but I am addicted to her magazine. It is one of those rare women's magazines that makes me feel more confident and knowledgeable, not ugly and hopeless.

Marketing Mama said...

I saw this on your blog roll some time ago and have been hooked! I was practically squeeling with excitement when Oprah sent a vacuum to her house a couple of weeks ago... and then she sent it back!!!

Jamie said...

I saw this woman on the news and she's really dedicated. She talked about how she chose to vote for Obama in the primary over Hilary Clinton because of Oprah's endorsement.