Thursday, May 18, 2006

backyard foliage

I was inspired yesterday to go in the backyard and take a few flower photos, and I'm glad I did because tonight it's raining, and I'm kind of blue, and looking at them cheers me up. Lilacs are in full bloom everywhere you look around the city, but our one tree only has a few clumps. Thus the close-up.

Remember when I wrote about how Steve transplanted some peonies that the heating-and-air guys had to unearth to install our air conditioning condensation unit? (Yes, I'm sure you remember that perfectly!) They're small and a little raggedy, but I think they may survive! This one is just about to bloom.

And here's a bloom from a ladyslipper we planted a couple of years ago. It's really getting big.

I am loving the Nikon D50 I bought, but uploading images onto Blogger is another story. Our dial-up connection only lets me upload small files, and it still takes a long time. Thus ... we're having the DSL conversation. *Gulp.* I'm not sure I'm ready to go there, though. I'm still reeling from the cost of the camera. And the new Mac we bought over the weekend when we found out our laptop's motherboard is beyond repair. *Sigh.* Technology is so pricey.


Susanne said...

Oh Em, I just love those Peonies! You mentioned they're a bit raggety; it's exactly that raggetiness that made me so taken by that picture! I just love slightly rugged, wild-looking flowers.

This may be a naive question, but is your camera (the one that took the flowers) digital? I'm looking into a new camera, and am curious if digital ones are good for close-ups like the flowers.

Emilie said...

Yep, Susanne, it's digital. I'm not sure how digitals do overall with flower shots compared to film, but I would imagine a digital with plenty of pixels will get clear shots. (I think it's probably more a matter of camera quality overall.)