Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the boy who runs with the ducks

Another morning at the College of St. Catherine duck pond. The grass was dewy and wet after the thunderstorms the night before — I figured it was probably as clean as it can get, so I let Daniel get down and crawl. I could barely keep up with him!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how absolutely adorable! Daniel looks like he's going to take-on all those ducks! I love the view from behind, like he's about to move in and take over!

Em, Daniel's definately inherited the light-haired side of the family. Look at that blonde!

Kristine said...

cuuuute!!!! it's so fun to let them explore on their own. i think they appreciate it a lot more that way, too.

LutherLiz said...

He wants to play duck, duck, grey duck. (sigh - am I giving in to the MN way of things - it should be goose.)

He's such a cutie!

Kristie said...

So cute! I love the Dew Drop. We had our engagement pictures taken there. Ah, memories.